Updated : Dec 05, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment

An early christmas gift for Frixx’s fans!

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His Ep is just hours away and people already cant wait for it,We came across the tracks list of the Ep and it surely has no features and certainly has tempting titles.

The theme of the EP is Going through dark days with the hope of a better tomorrow.It touches on topics like Poverty,Drug Awareness,All the Teen Talk & the Society at large.The song “New Moon” contains samples from Lorbee J & Queen Posh’s “Father Show Me Light”.The Song “She Friendzoned Me” contains a voice sample from Shanty Naty.I also sampled the National Anthem on the Song “Zimbabwe”. In this song I talk about the good parts of our beloved country.I noticed that the phase we are going through as a Nation had made us forget how beautiful our country is.

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