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Bigger Than Hip Hop,The Changamire Hip Hop Festival are the ZimHipHop’s heartbeat!

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Happy 2019! I hope none of us got into 2019  via the back door and our theme this year is #Win2gether! 2018 was a testing year and  we are glad to have managed to go all the way through to 2019 and we hope 2019 will be better.

Just when 2018 was ending,we witnessed two great hip hop events in form of The Bigger Than Hip Hop and The Changamire Festival,both hosted in the country’s second largest city,Bulawayo.It was Bigger Than Hip Hop that defied the odds and that alone was proof that Hip Hop is a culture in the city of kings.

We witnessed performances from the award winning acts like CalVin,Floppy X,J Garnet & KoKo,Mc Chita and we had officials from Khulumani FM and Skyz Metro FM gracing the event.Not only did the artists bring up their “A” game,but also the team that marketed and organised the event worked beyond everyone’s expectations,Hip Hop is alive!

The Changamire Hip Hop Festival was how ever less of a hype.The venue selected for the event was relatively out of the most performing acts’s reach,the turnout was low and the show organizers showed up at the event hours after the event kick off time.But the positives we can take from that are Bulawayo Hip Hop acts who performed and got nominated for this year’s Changamire Hip Hop Festival Awards.We hope for improved organisation next time.

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