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Updated : Feb 19, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment

#Cal Vin Unplugged,A Tale Of A Man Who Hates Excuses

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We have witnessed him host the Made In Bulawayo events from his own pockets,touring around the nation,as if its not enough,he  has taken a step further by hosting #CalVinUnplugged,a concert thats set for the second of March and it has become the talk of the streets,let alone social media.That event is also funded from his own pocket!

We are just in a situation where another artist could have sat down and mourned about the economy crisis around the country but he stood up for the challenge without any notable corporate sponsor or any sort of funding.CalVin hates excuses and he has proven that a many times  and its something a lot can learn from him! Check out more details on the #CalVinUnplugged event here >>>

  Please be sure to buy a ticket and support the movement.


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