Muse vs MOne

Updated : Mar 14, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment

Sage M-One Attracts M.U.S.E

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On the previous episode of the RapLab Live Bars, we witnessed one of the rap battles that could be separating boys from men. Jilly Tha Black being stripped his kingship by the now current Live Bars Gladiator Sage M-One. However, the audience felt it was an unfair judgment against Jilly Tha Black whom they think should have remained the defending Live Bars Gladiator. A quick question, Is the audience requesting a re-battle ? or they are calling for the adjudicators to reverse the decisions ? We saw the finally judgment in favor of M-One attract the 100 bars hit maker M.U.S.E into the battle to face the wrath of Sage.

Sage M-One maintains his cool and this is what he had to say concerning his previous and the now-coming battle :-

Q.What did u think about your battle with Jilly? A. It was cool. Until I heard his bars. He didn’t bring it and thus I was a lil disappointed.
Q. What did you think of his shots/BARS? A. Jilly fired blanks or plain shot in the air.I remember him praising me for appearing in relevant places. Of course. I am Hip Hop.
Q. M.U.S.E has just challenged you, do you think you will survive another week at the top? A. M.U.S.E, Hmmm. Interesting cat. He has done something hip hop and it will quite beneficial for hip hop lovers to hear how this one turns out.
Q. What do u think of MUSE as a rapper? A. MUSE is a good rapper. He has my respect for tryna mainstream that street feel. On a real though. I’m glad that I’m being challenged by n*ggas that are hip hop and know the basis of how BYO Rap grew.

Meet the challenger,M.U.S.E. (Metro Urban Sophisticated Entertainer), born Peter Chester October 14th, 1984 at Mater Dei Hospital Bulawayo is an underground hip-hop artist, Song Writer, Vocalist, Poet, Graphic Designer who is currently residing in the suburb of Khumalo in Bulawayo. M.U.S.E.s’ musical love developed at a very early age as he was always around music and, his first trip to the studio was also quite early. At the age of 13 he became part of his first hip hop group called “3 Kings”. M.U.S.E.s’ musical influences are very eclectic as are with many musicians.

The “100 Bars” hit maker takes a lot of influence from genres such as Country, Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal, Motown, R&B, Reggae and many more. Such musical groups and artists like Lenny Kravits, Maxwell, Smokey Robinson, Miles Davis, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, Punisher, CaniBus, Talib Kweli, Common, Proverb, KISS, The Roots, Blues Traveler, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, The Eagles along, with others have help mould M.U.S.E.s’ unique story telling ability as a rapper.

An Interview with the challenger was done and this is what The Artist had to say :- Q. How many battles have you won on the streets or on a beat? A. I’ve been booth spitter for a my entire career. I’ve always wanted to jump into battles and see what the environment is like.
Q. Which was your most challenging cypher collabo ? A. I’d have to say the toughest project I’ve worked on to date would have to be my new project. Working with different artists is a learning experience. Never a challenge
Q. Who is your favorite local and international rapper? A. At the moment locally Natasha Muz, Indigo Saint, and internationally H.E.R, Jorja Smith, W S Boogie.
Q. What do you think of Sage M-ones battle bars? A. Could be better
Q. This is your first battle on Live BARS GLADIATORS, how long do you think you can stay top if u win? A. Planning on running it for a minimum 6 weeks
Q. What message do you wanna send to Sage and his fans? A. Welcome to team M.U.S.E
Q. What’s your message to industry cats? A. who do you mean industry cats? I see no kings. I see positioned figure head. I respect the grind but it’s a pity that anyone with any influence only cares to look at the business side of music first. It’s a shame a lot of those very people could make many out here great but choose not to. No every artist has the resources to get themselves on the radar. I’m talking from followers to streams etc. That goes out to artist to corporate in and around the hip hop music industry. Hear the try to see the potential first. The rest will fall into place.

Meanwhile, the streets are already predicting SAGE’s downfall for so many interesting reasons, I will mention but a few. 1. M.U.S.E pose to have a be a better flow, speaking with him you will hear a very western influenced accent, this comes from his up bringing in Pennsylvania USA. 2. M.U.S.E has a wider base, a result which shows how good a cook he can be – he knows how to dish and satisfy his audience. Here we looking at his rhyme and reason. 3. M.U.S.E is the 100 bars hit maker, simple he got “bars” and is also a multi-award nominee and the Gweru Glamor Awards ‘Best Lyricist’ Winner. 4. M.U.S.E has already gained favor from the event host (Thorne Laroq ) and the judges (Naboth Rizzla, Prozac & P2DaOh). Word in the streets say you can’t separate these “hip-hop heads” – There is no better looking-glass than an old friend. Simple, “even if SAGE M-One came in as a better competitor, the “head” family will find reason to declare their own (M.U.S.E) the new Live Bars Gladiator.” No good brother can embarrass his own blood.

Will Sage Survive ? Will there be fairness ? Do we need special judges ? This is going to be a whole interesting episode not to be missed with a lot of unanswered questions at hand, let’s wait to see what the battle has in-store for us.

Muse vs MOne

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