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The RapLab Saga continues with M.U.S.E. Silencing the City

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The RapLab Live Bars open invitation was sent out last weekend and the kings, queens, gods even the mambos of the city are still quiet to take the challenge. Does this mean Bulawayo hip-hop is afraid of this man ?

A previous battle between the dethroned Sage M One and the now Prime Gladiator M.U.S.E, left a lot of emcees traumatized after we witnessed a massacre of the former gladiator by the now reigning Prime, M.U.S.E. It was a much earned battle with M.U.S.E skillfully displaying his flows, rhyme and reason, this could be the reason why Bulawayo emcees chicken out to take the challenge. However, the streets feel like Sage M One was battled out because of his ‘ascent’ as he could show his dominance by throwing a bucketful of punchlines and gaining the overall dis against the M.U.S.E. Is the city really scared of M.U.S.E or it is his fluent ‘Pennsylvanian raised man’s ‘ ascent that scares the mice away ?

An Interview with the Live Bars Prime Gladiator

  1. How do you feel about being PRIME ? A. Very happy, it was well earned.
  2. How long do you think I will last ? A. My goal is 6 weeks.
  3. Are you the best battle rapper yet? If not why if so how ? A. No I’m not. I’m more comfortable with the booth.
  4. Currently there are kings, queens & gods of rap in the city, is any of the “so-called” a threat in your reign ? If any then who? A. I don’t see any threat to me at all. I do what I do and my good at it.
  5. Which challenges are u expecting from the BEST RAPPERS in the city? A. I’m expecting the ones who say that no one is paying attention. Stop complaining. Come get it.
  6. If you don’t get a challenge who are you going to call out? A. I’m going for whoever is truly hungry.

Every year we are always having artists dominating the hip hop awards ceremonies with multiple nominees and some going an extra to win it . Is it not now the best hour to get the candy out of the baby’s mouth ? M.U.S.E has said it,”I’m going for whoever is truly hungry, I’m expecting the ones who say that no one is paying attention. Stop complaining, Come get it …”
Who is hip-hop? who is the brave challenger? Is M.U.S.E running a game with fags ?

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