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Bilaail “CRIES” For The Girl Child.

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Bilaail Anele Mususa who is using his first name as his stage name (Born, March 27,1998)Is a Zimbabwean Rapper, Songwriter. Born and raised in Bulawayo, EMGANWINI suburbs. He embarked on his music career as a teenager. Bilaail soon got engaged into a Local based EMGANWINI Arts group, INKAZIMULO ARTS which was founded in 2012 by a former Emganwini Secondary student, KUNDAIMIDZO SHAMUYARIRA . The Arts group with a cultural touch and accommodates different types of performances (1 July, 2016) Bilaail performed at UMDALA WETHU GALA held at White City stadium in Bulawayo alongside with the likes of IYASA, SANDRA NDEBELE, MZOE 7 to mention a few.

In 2019 Bilaail joined Excellence Music Records, a slowly growing group that is based in Sizinda – Bulawayo. Him and his new team did not waste time in terms of putting out a joint project together. He is already part of the new Excellence Music Records Mixtape titled D.O.P.E through his single titled “SHE” .

The song SHE talks about a girl child who lost her life due to drugs and alcohol abuse in the absence of her parents. Basically the song goes throughout her life under that dark cloud she lived in. Children can only be the future if they are natured well. As someone who lacked guidance, got involved with bad friends who introduced her to prostitution and ended up being sick due to multiple sex partners as well overdosing drugs to keep her up all night and perform effortlessly. The main subject is the effects of these drug substances which our current generation abuse. Its also a cry out song to the girl child to take full ownership of her life and be a strong figure in the society.

D.O.P.E Artwork
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