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About Sage M-One

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Reflections: Sage M-One Biography
Name: Chalton Vusa Moyo
Alias: Sage M-One
D.O.B.: 16 June 1988 (Day of the African Child)
Genre(s): Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Battle rap
Skills: Song writer, Rapper, Freestylist, Poet, Battle rapper
Definition: Sage M-One is a performing artist specialising in Hip Hop and Spoken word.

Musical Background
Started by listening to hip hop before he realised the skill. This began round 96′ during the ‘Golden age’ of hip hop music. By ’98 his mother gave him an original cassette of The Fugees album ‘The score’ which had some sick tracks like ‘The beast’ and ‘Killing me softly’ which inspired creativity and a will to enunciate rap music. When he was introduced to Nas, Busts rhymes, Wu Tang Clan and The battle between East (Notorious BIG) and West (Tupac Shakur) he fell in love with hip hop more and more.
He only started rapping along to tracks when Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony and Eminem showed up on the scene. These heavily influenced his style and versatility.
Sage only got in the ‘rap game’ in 2003 at Allan Wilson High School (PaDub) with a few battles and written tracks that were never recorded.
In 2012 he released his first ever featured track “Breaking the Silence “.

Sage M-One performing at Random Poets in 2018

What then?
Sage M-One has used quite a few aliases trying to find himself in the game. A lot of noise was made when he was V-NiX The Insane. Releases like ” Breaking the Silence”; “I just can’t be with you”; “Problems (Freestyle)” and the last being “Song for the deceased “ which is a special track scripted for his two main guardians in his life, His late mother, Primrose and Late aunt, Isabel.
He outgrew the name V-Nix and became what he is now, M-One. Now this name has a bit of controversy around it as in slang an M1 is either a single mother or a reference to a local alcoholic beverage called Chibuku.
Some heads were also concerned as he had named himself after the lyricist M1 from the american crew, Dead Prez. However M-One stood his ground. The true meaning of his name in full is: ‘I Am One’
This refers to him as the only surviving child of his parents and also the only surviving person of his family. The Sage title came with the life experiences that he has seen, endured and learned from.

What now?
Sage M-One, a member of Excellence Music Records, is currently working on two singles and his EP titled ‘An Emcees Point of View’


  • Holy_mic – single release got 450 downloads in the first week on Datafile host
  • Ngeke balume – First commercial track that featured DJ Salim with the beat made by Kid Dyno and enjoyed 200+ plays on SoundCloud
    -Performed at – Random Poets Poetry Tuesdays in 2018
    The Band Fusion Open Mic nights at The Red Cafe Bulawayo,
    The Roast of Cal-Vin,
    Jam sessions Open Mic at The Dragons den and at Banff Lodge in Hillside Bulawayo
    Eziko Theatre laboratory by Victory Siyanqoba
    Raw skills Talent show by Sizinda Youth centre
    River of life Church Talent search as a guest performer.
  • Battle career – Is part of the DGV Rap Battle League hosted by Naboth Rizla and Grape Vine Clothing
    Has battled DJ BlakOut,
    MAC, Sik Abe

Contact links
F: Sage M-One
T: @M1DaEmcee
P: +263 782 695968

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