Mollet Ndebele

Updated : Apr 10, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment

#WCW 4 – Mollet Ndebele, Miss NUST 2019 Finalist.

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Meet Mollet Ndebele, a 20 year old model, Journalism and Media Studies student at NUST and Miss NUST 2019 Finalist.

Mollet Ndebele got in touch with Ruvimbo and this is what she had to say about herself and being part of this year’s Miss NUST Edition… “I am a young person who is confident, passionate and empowering other young people. In my spare time I usually listen to music and sometime write motivational speeches. The degree I am doing is going to help me achieve my goals as it will improve my communication skills (public relations). I am in Miss NUST because I believe it will give me exposure to other different opportunities in the modeling industry and outside. Being in Miss NUST means a lot to me because it takes a person with confidence to contest in a beauty contest as it comes with a lot of scrutiny and cyber bullying. If I were to win the Miss NUST pageant it would help me reach out to many young people who wish to advance in their God given talents such as music, drama etc. I would help them get exposure and grow in their careers which are not school related. In future I wish to be a business lady who supports young people in their different careers and help the disabled. To those who were affected by Cyclone Idai I would like to say we are sympathizing with you in your time of need. We thank the government, different individuals, stakeholders and the cooperate world for the support, donations, love and help. Remember that you are not fighting this cause on your own, we are with you and we will continue harboring support and facilitating for your welfare through advocacy work in resource mobilization and manpower.”

Mollet is contestant number 11 at this year’s event and you can vote for her by clicking on the following link. Vote for Mollet >>>

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