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#WCW 5 – Rosina Tapela, Miss NUST 2019 Finalist.

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Meet Rosina Tapela, a 19 year old model, Banking and Investment student at NUST and Miss NUST 2019 Finalist.

Rosina Tapela got in touch with Rosina and this is what she had to say about herself and being part of this year’s Miss NUST Edition… “I am an entrepreneur, a risk taker, a team player and a trend setter. The degree I am doing will allow ease of credit knowledge and access from banks as well as investment knowledge about projects that have to do with giving back to the people and mother earth. Miss NUST has provided various opportunities; to be part of a team, the spotlight and empowerment. If I win the crown, I will advocate against tribalism and promote gender equality, embracing the spirit of Ubuntu. My ideal world is where not only appreciation and love for each other exists but also love for what we each see in the mirror, contentment. We have survivors of Cyclone Idai at heart and continue to support in any way letting God lead. Lastly, a word of advice to you all is: Take it in your stride and find your own rhythm.”

Rosina is contestant number 15 at this year’s event and you can vote for her by clicking on the following link. Vote for Rosina >>>

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