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Updated : Jul 24, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment

“DGV Rap Battles is here to stay…” Naboth RIZLA speaks out (Part 1)

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DGV Rap Battles is here to stay. We are going to carry on pushing and Grapevine Clothing will continue to provide this platform, as well as linking up with other rap battle leagues. The whole idea is to take hip hop outside our borders that way we show the world the talent and skill that is in our possession. This would therefore allow us to link up and collaborate with other artists in an effort to Unite Africa and also find a way of living sustainable lives using this here talent and art form. I urge people to try and support and eventually engage. Give Rap Battle a chance! Ask, learn become enlightened and the rest will fall in line.

Those who are in a position of influence should help artists as this effort may help in creating a sustainable source of income for his/her family in the future. With our goal of taking Zimbabwe Hip Hop to the rest of the world we have managed to visit and compete against talented artists from Botswana and Lesotho. Big shout out to Warzone from Botswana and Dirt Mouth from Lesotho for inviting us and hosting us. We do not plan on stopping, EVER! With the continued support from engagements, views, comments, share, likes and so on we see it possible that TOGETHER we can realise our 2020 dream of a sustainable Rap Battle league in Zimbabwe.
We feel proud for our recent milestone despite little response from the nation as a whole. Of course we expected more but we do understand these are trying times and with continued consistency we will eventually get there.

On behalf of DGV Rap Battles I would like to thank everyone that played a role in assisting us to travel to Botswana and Lesotho. These are: Grapevine Clothing, Something Meaty (Harare based Meat delivery Company), Topsy’s Cuisine (Bulawayo based Catering company),
Seabelo Bus Company (Botswana) and Poet Emang from Warzone Rap Battle League in Botswana. Their efforts are greatly appreciated and with this type of sacrifice helping us to meet transport expenses and other operating costs Zimbabwe Hip Hop and African Rap battles as a whole will soon grow beyond just being another hip hop event. ….[To be continued]

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