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Updated : Jul 25, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment

“We have got Champions however the level of support in Bulawayo does not measure up…” ( Part 2)

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I think we are on the right path it’s just a matter of getting a bigger budget to facilitate more. Nonetheless we are doing quite well. Bulawayo needs to stop hating – we got too many haters.

[Continued…] A month ago, the DGV Rap Battles team were in Lesotho led by the hip hop mogul Naboth RIZLA were they came back and shared some of the experiences they had on tour. Here is what the head shared to us on an interview we had.

“We only took Jilly the Black because that is all we could afford to do. We don’t have much of any support so Grapevine Clothing is having to foot the bill for all travel expenses since most of these Rap Battle Leagues don’t know us so they are not sure whether we will fulfil the fixture or not…”

“There is no sponsorship for DGV Rap Battles. Only Grapevine is pulling through and shout out to Topsy’s Cuisine they gave us financial support for both trips to Botswana and Lesotho. And for our trip to Botswana we managed to get aid from “Something Meaty” that’s butchery in Harare that also does meat deliveries via  www.somethingmeaty.co.zw So as you can see people from Harare are pulling up and these are people who have a relationship with Grapevine Clothing and are out to support our initiatives…”

Was the team ready? Definitely, Jilly knew well in advance that he was going to battle and I think he did the best that he could with the resources that he had. We couldn’t travel with more members because we didn’t have a budget so we couldn’t ask for more spots because we were footing our own bill. So you really have to understand when we say Grapevine Clothing is putting up expenses. Lesotho is not close – it’s very far.

How was the reception? We were welcomed very well. Shout out to the team in Lesotho that gave us accommodation and food. Everything was pretty much covered however we had to organize all transport costs ourselves to and from Lesotho. The Lesotho team met us by the border. They came through and we met ‘Sehlabaka Rampeta’ who is part of the Dirt Mouth Rap Battle organising team in Lesotho. We managed to have a braai at night upon arrival while also enjoying the comfort of our accommodation. We were ‘chilling’ and this conveys how rap battles are bringing people closer all over Africa.

How challenging were the Battles ? Not boasting, we are above the competition. The biggest drawback is that there isn’t any incentive, motivation for the rappers in Zimbabwe. We are the competition if anyone wants to battle Zimbabwe. Jilly Tha Black, as an example delivered three freestyle verses in comparison to someone who prepared and wrote which shows the level of excellence we are on. Luminous before the latest battle, beat Botswana’s Champion (Warzone hero) three to nothing (3-0). This shows the level of seriousness and quality we possess despite the lack of funding and resources that affects the progress.

This lack of funding has actually resulted in our progress slowing or rather backtracking. The way Zimbabwe is setup has brought a new level of challenges although we are trying to keep our heads above water.

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