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The Ups and Downs of the Annual August Rush #AAR2

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The Annual August Rush is slowly but surely becoming “The Event” in Bulawayo. We dont know about the numbers that attended the first event in 2018, but one notable positive about this year’s edition was the crowd pulled!

The Ups.

This year’s Annual August Rush was well organised in terms of their marketing, part of their marketing was boosted by the fact that the event organizers called up some renowned artists who could pull a local crowd of atleast thirty fans,not that everyone brought 30 fans with them but a majority of the acts were close.

Another up was their visibility! They threw everything they had on their visuals. They made virtual and physical posters and they also did video clips,individual posters for the artists so they can push to their true fans and to a larger extent it worked!

The event organizers also managed to pull an artist outside Bulawayo,Phreshy from Harare and given she was impressed about what she saw it means she will share the good word about it in Harare, thus the #AAR grows.

The Downs

One notable negative was lack of a back-up plan. The show was supposed to kickstart at 4pm and with everyone knowing about the power load shedding in Zimbabwe,the least that the organizers could do was get a backup generator incase zesa decides to cut power,they didn’t and guess what happened? Power was cut and people had to wait for about 4 more hours before the show could start and the fans of other artists became impatient and they left.

The media also didn’t do well in terms of giving all the artists interviews and coverage,not to mention that they almost left before the event had started too.

We will give the #AAR2 a 7/10 excellence-music.com

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