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Tariq Bravo unleashes “iBhubesi” Album.

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In the morning of 23 August 2019 the streets of Bulawayo woke up to the release of iBhubesi, a hip hop album by Tariq Bravo. Tariq has been around the block for a minute and one cannot be blamed for pointing out that this project from the kingpin is long overdue. But this is understandable as we all know good food takes time to prepare.

Tariq Bravo has delivered a very solid debut album, one that every lokshin person would very much admire. It’s a 12 track piece and the rapper didn’t hold back from the first track up to the last. Featured on the intro of this collection is uSmokey Joint and the jams that follow are hard flows and punchlines that are enough for the rapper to earn respect from any hiphop person. He delivers his nice rhymes in vernecular (IsiNdebele) and constantly reminds us through out the album that he is from Bulawayo, a city in Zimbabwe, which is arguably regarded as the hiphop capital.

The whole album touches on a lot of everyday issues affecting the ordinary person in Zimbabwe. Track 3 “kruger”, Tariq Bravo expresses his love for his kasi and gives insight on what might happen or not happen in the township. In this track he is heard boasting about the hip hop talent found in his hood, Magwegwe West, as he mentions the likes of the amazing Msiz’kay, the ever creative SilolaMkhonto, CTL, Mlue Jay and uSmokey Joint. The rapper also drops his view on the corporate governance, political and economic situation of Zimbabwe and also mentions in “Dreams” how bad he wants to succeed financially through music despite the economic challenges faced by the everyday person in the society. Judging from this album, It would not be suprising if one can conclude that Tariq Bravo is a booze person and not a ladies person as there is no single love song dedicated to a lady or ladies or any jam suggesting he is involved in a relationship. However, in Ziyamboroma track 11, the rapper points out his love for booze and how he likes to party. This is one song to look out for in the album. It features SilolaMkhonto and it is a predicted summer hit.

Tariq Bravo worked with super amazing talent on this project. The album features Msizkay, Sheelah T, SilolaMkhonto, uSmokey Joint, PsykoTek, Mandie Mae and Maya. The whole project was engineered by Msizkay and there are various producers featured which include Amu Gwante, MBzet, Master Dee, Plan B, Murphy Cubic, Phanas and SilolaMkhonto.

Well, this is an excellent album which has nice kasi vibes and as they say ‘ukutshela yikuncitshwa’ you better get yourself a copy right here >> https://t.co/76lfggPTJI

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