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Good kid gone Too bad in a good way.

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It is now official that Edwin R. Mackavel popularly known as Yung Reece is in the industry to stay as he has managed to put minds together with Asaph (the “Mambo” a multi award winning hip hop act) in his song titled “Too Bad” (produced by Tha Dawg and Cliff Jeans) along side Louis Vitlane and Asaph.

Yung Reece continues to embrace himself promising all music and rapperholix fans nothing but good music. The song expresses his worry about musicians who depart from this world too soon without making their desired impact through music. This inspired him to be ‘Too bad’ in a good way along side Asaph.

Yung Reece is set to release his new track on the 14th of September 2019. The song will premiere on the RapLab, with hopes to conquer local market. Follow the artist on these social media platforms :-

Twitter : @YungReece Facebook : Yung Reece Instagram : yungreecezw WhatsApp : +263771860021

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