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Upclose with King SG!

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You see him on the deck,on the posters and mostly he will be very busy to such an extent that you can not get a second from him to know who really King SG is. Well we did get a minute and talked to one of the most dedicated club djs in Zimbabwe and he told us a lot about himself, Ladies and Gentlemen,meet King SG.

Below is our one minute question and answer conversation with him.

Q: Who is King SG ?
A: Well full name is Kingsley Tozvireva and KingSG is the stage name which came up from the company SoundGuru so it became KingSG. Born in Harare and grew up in Bulawayo.

Q: What Does KingSG do ? A: KingSG is a Dj who speacialises in clubs, and most types of events. Apart from being a Dj he also does model management.

Q: Source of inspiration? A: My brother Macdonald Who we started the company together and always told we can do big and apart from him had Dj’s like Dbongz Deeper,Phibz just to mention a few who gave me tips on how to do best in this industry.

Q: Any Side Hustle ?
A: Apart from being a Dj, I am an event organiser and also an electrical engineer.

Q: Any challenges faced in the industry ?
A: Its hard to pitch up in this industry as we have plenty Djs so the challenge I have faced was to become recognised which didn’t go that hard on me as I made sure I served my audience the best!

Q: Positives ?
A: In this you learn the crowd mood so it teaches you to be a mood changer (hope i answered this correctly kkkkk)

Q: What would you like to change in the djs industry?
A: Change how Dj’s interact and would like to host a Dj’s Party where all Dj’s get to meet up more like a seminar. Change the way Dj’s are treated as most Dj’s are not paid according to their worth. #PayTheDjCampaign

Q: Would you let your future kids or siblings follow the same path?
A: Yes i would because its a great industry where you work freely and having fun too its a mood changer industry and intresting one

Q: Word to the aspiring Dj’s
A: Nothing can stop you from being recognised just do your best and make sure you serve your crowd the best music too then you good to go

Social media :- Facebook : kingsley kudzie kings
Instagram : king_dj_sg
Twitter – realKingSG
WhatsApp- +263771017272

We hope we got you enough information about your favorite Dj,If we missed something that you needed to know please hit him up on his social media platforms.

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