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Wanderlust Campers Africa, Your partners in exploring AFRICA!

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Why get stressed whenever holidays start approaching and you start to think about where to go, where to take your family too? Wanderlust came to make sure that your holidays are all but covered,with or without you planning them. All you gotta do is save enough money and leave the rest to Wanderlust Campers Africa! They know the right corners in Africa that can blow your mind, they know how to make you forget you left home and that you are only camping.

Tourists from outside Zimbabwe having the best of times in Africa courtesy of Wanderlust Campers Africa!

Wanderlust Campers Africa is a Zimbabwean Private Business Corporation founded by passionate travelers who aim to showcase the beauty of Africa and its people to the world. The founding fathers of this movement have spent years on expeditionary trips around Africa. Africa is a vast and exciting continent packed with culture and brimming with stunning natural scenery, amazing wildlife and remarkable people.

Campers having breakfast.

Wanderlust Campers Africa organises budget overland safaris and African adventure tours. Their budget safaris are a guaranteed adventure tour, be it camping in the wilds of Africa, visiting remote destinations off the beaten track as well as the big highlights of Africa or township drives in the city.Immerse yourself in day to day village life in their host homes tours. With over-landing trips to diverse landscapes – the savanna plains, the mighty Victoria Falls, the ancient ruins and Livingstone Island. Take a time out, or just hit the road over-landing on one of their short overland trips for adventure plus.

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