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Miss Teen Intellect Zimbabwe 2019

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Miss teen intellect Zimbabwe is a national teenage beauty pageant founded and co-founded by Jemima Mandemwa and Ayanda Sibanda. It was specially and specifically designed to empower the girl child, raise awareness on the importance of education whilst fostering in them a spirit of giving back to the community. It’s mission statement is to provide a platform for sustainable talent development through education. Facilitating the growth of young models and equipping them with the necessary skills to survive in the mainstream. Grooming and mentoring young models and giving them exposure to good promoters and brands. Cementing ourselves in the Zimbabwean pageantry industry for generations to come. It’s vision is To bring out of society young beauty queens who advocate for change and who believe in education as a tool for change.

Miss Teen Intellect Zimbabwe overview with Jemima Mandemwa

“Miss teen intellect Zimbabwe is a great initiative that I have been observing for a while now. I think it’s a great platform for aspiring and upcoming models to grow and develop into super models. It helps young women to stay off distractions and grooms them into ladies. I think with time it will grow into something big and should accommodate male models as it is a great initiative…” she said in an interview with Club Excellence.

Below is a full statement she said concerning the upcoming event :

” We are looking forward to an attendance of 400 people with audience, sponsors and partners included whilst looking forward to a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 350 ticket sale with prices ranging from platinum ZWL$200, VVIP ZWL$100, VIP ZWL$50 all the way down to ordinary ZWL$25.

It is our mission to engage with different organization as well as companies in order to build a legacy that is going to be raising awareness on the importance of education as well as raising funds for charity for years to come. Our vision is to be able to provide our winners with not just a once of prize but awards to cherish, endorsement deals, leadership skills as well as a university scholarship. As an organisation that deals with the girl child, it is our vision to be able to work with educational institutes, universities to be precise as we advocate for change through education and we would want our Queen to get a university scholarship as part of the prize.

It will be an honor to be able to work with Zimbabwean tertiary institutions. We also look forward to engaging with different cooperates such as clothing brands, food companies stationery manufacturers, media houses, television and film production, beauty products companies to mention a few as we would want to be a foundation to a successful modelling career and it is our wish to be able to grant our winners with opportunities of endorsing with different companies in Zimbabwe…”

As an organisation that fosters in young girls a spirit of giving back to the community it is our greatest wish to see our Queen work together with different organisation to bring change in society. With different charities at heart we would like to work with the National AIDS Council, plan international, UNICEF, World health organisation, United Nations, Girls Rising, save the children 100 years and USAP…”

Miss teen intellect Zimbabwe is not an ordinary teen beauty pageant in the sense that it was founded by teenage girls who understand the purpose of beauty pageants as they are themselves reigning national beauty queens as well with Jemima Mandemwa holding the titles Miss Super Globe Zimbabwe 2019 and Miss teen Zimbabwe 2019 1st runner up whilst Ayanda Sibanda is reigning Miss Albinism Zimbabwe and Miss teen Zimbabwe 2ND runner up.

You can follow their most recent updates on these social media platforms :

IG : miss_teen_intellect_Zw

Facebook : Miss Teen Intellect Zimbabwe

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