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ClubExcellence Top20 Underrated Music Producers (Bulawayo).

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Music producers are involved in all aspects of music production. Knowing each step in the process and being able to participate at all levels will make you shine overall, music producers manage all aspects of a recording project, from start to finish, and have the ability to have a say in how the final product will sound. They have a very broad role in the music world and there are many other qualities that make up a good music producer.

Music producers should know a lot about a lot. They gather ideas for projects, select songs to record, make improvements or changes to song arrangements, coach artists and musicians, manage recording sessions, engineer and master some of the final production, and more. Versatility will make you valuable to many and put you in high demand.

Below is a list of Bulawayo’s underrated music producers you should probably work with. In no particular order :-

  1. Phoenix
  2. Marvin
  3. Phanas
  4. Larynx
  5. FraeLee
  6. Freak
  7. Skido
  8. Mbo9ce
  9. Hp Manyenga
  10. SheKnows KoKo
  11. Innora Music
  12. Tha Dawg
  13. Fish Mc Swagg
  14. Silolamkhonto
  15. Rocka J
  16. Envee
  17. Dj Salim
  18. Apex
  19. Real’aince
  20. T Lion

More lists coming soon !!

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