Updated : Jan 23, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment

Events Techniques raises the bar (100% Local Music to be played in Clubs)

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Events Techniques will be introducing LOCAL MONDAYS in various clubs where they have Disk Jockeys deployed at.

This new phenomenon will see Djs going 100% Bulawayo Local Music on their Playlists. “For this phenomenon to be exciting we call upon All Local Byo artists to Kindly Brings us Your Music…” one of their representatives had to say via a WhatsApp interview with excellence-music.com.

Below are the requirements :
✅ music should be on a USB/Flash drive.
✅All Songs should be Clearly Tagged.
✅All Songs should be finished Projects.
✅ Do not Bring Demos.

” The programme will be run on a willingness basis, if you don’t feel comfortable to bring us your music please don’t do so…” so he said.

This is an initiative for those willing to have their music played in clubs. Djs are to create their playlists from the available (Submitted) music and we hope they keep their promise of delivering seamless glide across all genres to accommodate all patrons present.

This is how you can get in contact and submit your music to the respective directives;

For Times of Submissions (Btwn 11am – 5pm C.B.D submissions)
https://wa.me/263719707585 Or ( 5pm – 12midnight. CBD)
https://.wa.me/263717593713 Or (Western Suburbs)

” We hope this Programme will help uplift and encourage appreciation of our own local Artists, Their Talent, Their Work and Help them to get Where they deserve to Be…” so he said.

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