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A conversation with Kuccie, “Vaudze” song writer.

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Having his roots from Bulawayo, this artist recently came up with his single “Vaudze” on Soundcloud. With over a 100 listeners, Kuccie is definitely one of the artists on the rise. He has gained fans from all over the country and now is becoming a subject for the talks for the upcoming rappers in the industry.
Right now Kuccie is not only in talks for his amazing music. He uploaded a track on soundcloud which reached around a 100 views, shared around whatsapp groups by his several followers and is going extremely viral.

Starting from a small basement, Kuccie has big dreams and hopes for his career. He has released a number of tracks and recently dropped an Ep titled “Pretty Girls” which delineates a whole new taste in the industry. Thus, we have also seen the artist featuring on a number of projects with different artist across the nation.
Because he is a versatile creative, Kuccie has been able to establish a cemented following from both the Northern and Southern parts of Zimbabwe. Listen to any of his songs, his ascent is way to exceptional and one wouldn’t argue it’s a matter of time before he breaks the internet.

Q. Enlighten us about your track “Vaudze”.
A. Well that track was a dedication to my lady, was telling her if the gang pull up on her, trying to get her, she should tell them I am king and she’s taken…it’s just a love song.

Q. How has been the reception between the last tracks and the current “Vaudze” track ?
A. Well using Shona made more or wanna know me and most of my fans were surprised I can also use my language and grown ups too were impressed. People were having doubts that I’m from here in Zim so I had to drop a lil something in Shona to show them this is my country.

Q. Which language do you mostly use for your tracks ?
A. I use mainly English but I did that track “Vaudze” coz I wanna let people know that I also support my country and language and I’m able to trap like that.

Q. Now that you could prove your identity and the fans loved it (even the adults), don’t you think that is your originality you should nurture and give out to your loyal fans ?
A. Yeh I think so buh most of the people like it when I rap in English. So I’m gonna be doing both and sometimes mixing but mostly English.

Q. Don’t you think adopting the western lifestyle/language won’t kill our culture (which we are already losing) ?
A. No we don’t have to adopt all of it, isn’t their language is the universal language. So it’s easier to mix it inside with our language maybe to get recognition, I mean I’m just saying😂..look at Nasty C he only used vernacular here and there coz he wanted to go international and look at where he at. More people will hear ur message that’s wat I’m trying to say.

Q. Why do you think Bulawayo Arts will always struggle to break through ?
A. Well Bulawayo gat too many dope artists, like too dope but the fact that they wanna compete just inside Byo ain’t right.. Also I think the use of too much vernacular.

Q. You mentioned a point that most artists compete within Bulawayo ! Isn’t competition good for the culture?
A. It is good but we should also support each other, it doesn’t have to end with hate coz he’s better than you. Artist create hate coz of competition and if one artist is dope he starts flexing on other artist which is wrong !!.

Q. Are you dismissing the culture of disses and diss tracks ? Then what is hiphop without disses ?
A. Yes dissing is ayyt. But we can’t be dissing each other when we haven’t reached that higher place(fame, recognition, more view, plays n fans etc ) Wats the point.

Q. Are you confirming rumors that Bulawayo artists are failing because they mostly chase after Fame and Recognition ?
A. No I’m not saying that…if you know, chasing fame isn’t a bad thing after all.

Q. What is your vision 2020 and expectations ? A. 2020 Im planning to focus on making videos for some of my tracks, and finally get more recognition.

Stream : Kuccie – Vaudze on Soundcloud.

Stream : Kuccie – Vaudze

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