Updated : Jan 24, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment

The Crucfix Hits In Harder!

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The HitFactory presents to you Crucfix a fast rising artist from the City of Kings with a track titled “Subliminal” produced by P2daoh.

Subliminal is a battle rap song with an up tempo trap beat fused with a bit of old school boom bad bap style, performed by the artist Crucfix, a new age hip hop artist with a strong background of old school boom bap. He speaks nothing but the truth and steps on toes of clowns; who were dining together ‘a minute ago’ and now pulling figures at each other like how the Bulawayo music industry is always a circus every now and then, year after year.

” Hip hop lives here and some of us are about the culture over everything. Bulawayo is bigger than these cats and mouse squabbles, let’s get back to the music…” so said the artist in a chat with excellence-music.com.

Stream the song below :

Stream : Crucfix – Subliminal

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