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Mzoe7’s taste in fashion a BOMB!

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Bulawayo based artist Mzoe 7 is arguably one of the best dressed artists in the nation, even though a lot don’t want to talk about it. You hardly can meet him and not get something inspiring about the way he dresses even at times when there isn’t any event. He dresses good for fun!

Mzoe7 attended the 2020 ZIMAs and likewise he caught the attention of many through his dressing, sharing a table with Tamy Moyo and Gemma Griffith’s family and Janet Manyowa, which im sure they wouldn’t mind sitting next to a swank master for even longer than the awards took.

He stood out this time as one of the best dressed male of the night at the ZIMAs combining rare elements of fashion with a touch of mafia ,bling ,gentleman and sport, kudos to Mzoe7 who always represents and is never afraid to express himself through art and fashion . He was dressed by Klobber Fusion, a Bulawayo based fashion shop which has dressed the likes of Skaiva, an award winning house artist.

Mzoe7 was dressed in a Lui Vuitton jacket,maroon paul smith poloneck, grey pants which matched with the latest vapourmax nike sneakers and a touch of versace golden jewellery, Klobber Fusion really took their time in making sure that Mzoe7 really divides the attention, which he did

The CEO of ZIMA awards insisted that cooperates and institues get involved in arts development and patnerships. As seen PPC ,Boomcity,Ingwebu,Telone are the main cooperates who where involved in making the awards ceremony a success, and to add on, Klobba Fusion who dressed one of the figures that attended the event. Mzoe7’s hair was done by Tapelo Hairstyles from Bulawayo.

Mzoe7 is working on an Ep titled the United Continent of Africa with will drop soon this year.

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