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Mr Lit expresses the true nature of love !

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Even the hardest rocks do break sometimes and soft words do melt a frozen heart. Who has ever thought from the Zimhiphop circles, Mr Lit will be the man to grace us with a love song?

Perfect is a song performed by Mr Lit from LitLife Media, one of the biggest media brands supporting local creatives. The song features two vibrant and exceptional upcoming artistes Kent and Young Splash.

We always thought the artiste was too gangster to be caught up in love affairs but we were so amused when we heard these words coming from the horse’s mouth, “the song came about the first time I took my wife to the studio in Harare. It just expresses the true nature of love not the one that we read of in fairytales but our day to day encounters of having a partner. Nobody is perfect but that shouldn’t stop us from being in a relationship especially when you know that you love the person.”

As the artiste has already enlightened us, the song confesses that nobody is perfect and we got to focus more on our strenghts than our flaws in a relationship. Beat tempo is around a 96bpm – 100bpm, with an Afro-Carribean fusion that you can Tango dance to it. The vocals brings in a mid mellow mood with some of the verses tapping to that Jamaican ascent. The lyrics come in as basic as possible that even a layman can understand the message, thus meeting one of the objectives why we do music for the people.

You can download and stream audio here :

Download and Stream : Mr Lit – Perfect featuring Kent and Young Splash

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