/Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist ; Abigail T Machona
Abigail T Machona

Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist ; Abigail T Machona

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Abigail T Machona is a 18 year old full time model and lives in Bulawayo. She is in this year’s Miss Windermere competition and she had a word with excellence-music.com. Below is how the conversation went

I participated in Miss Windermere because of a great passion i have for modelling ,so every opportunity is a chance for me to grow ,so i grab it and do my best😊

I would love and wish to fulfill the gap of the underprivileged children by doing some projects and using social clubs and taking toxic drug they will engage to different games like soccer, herbal , vollyball etc ,if i have money i would love to contribute o donate to charity ,I wont forget to help elderly people with food ,clothes and blankets and supply sanitary pads in schools for girls ,For the industry i love to share my experience with those people who are interested in the modeling industry world wide

To those who are looking up to me :you have to live your dreams ,water it with commitment ,sacrifice and hard work ,nothing is impossible not even the sky is the limit .Associate yourself with people who add value into your life and also strive to add value and be life changer to everyone you come across ,You are a unique version to be the you can be and live a life of purpose