/Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist ; Marylin Sibanda

Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist ; Marylin Sibanda

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Your name,age and occupation Marilyn Sibanda 21 years old,Self employed as an Avon representative and part-time Zupco conductor

Why did you participate in Miss Windermere? Because I enjoy modelling and take advantage of every opportunity presented particularly Miss Windermere
to perfect my craft as i intend to model full time

How would you winning the competition benefit the community and the Modeling industry? I believe I’ll benefit the community as Miss Windermere as I’ll use whatever platform I’m given to speak up on issues affecting our economy like raise awareness of women abuse to basic violence to recycling
And towards th modelling industry i intend to become a brand ambassador for modellers everywhere and as Miss Windermere I’ll become an advocate for models everywhere that is for their rights,dreams and aspirations

Word to those who look up to you. I would like to advise them and all that can spare an ear to NOT GIVE UP ON THEIR DREAMS but to look out for opportunities and the options open as you work on your dreams