/Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist : Minenhle S Nkomo

Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist : Minenhle S Nkomo

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“The sky is just a level, do not limit yourself. If you can dream about it,you can bring it to reality…” Minenhle S. Nkomo.

Get to meet Mininhle S. Nkomo one of our Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist. She is an 18 year old pageant from Bulawayo, who is currently not employed. Below is her converation with excellence.com

How would you winning the competition benefit the community and the Modeling industry?

If i win the title it means i am a Queen.a queens voice is always heard when she speaks.So i willl speak to those in my community about alarming issues that are there in us as youths.Build up groups in the community that meet during the week for guidance and mentorship.it will give me more confidence in the industry as i will be a title holder,il be recognized in the industry and my input and brains will be heard

The competition takes place at the windermere hotel on Saturday the 14th of December. Be there