/Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist ; Nomacebo Ncube
Nomacebo AC

Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist ; Nomacebo Ncube

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Nomacebo Ncube is a 23 year old model.She is also a first year student at Media Studies. The excellence-music.com team caught upwith her on how she feels aboutbeing part of the Miss Windermere competition and this is what she said;

“Growing up I learned how difficult it can be to be understood and how easy it is to be heart broken. As such I’ve come to realize that if anyone is to love me I had to love myself first. Trust myself, believe in myself more. Because of that I know what it is to bruised and scarred from the inside and the situation in our country both economically and socially doesn’t really make it easy to get help for people with mental health issues. Being part of Miss Windermere 2019 helps me, not only in my passion and pursuit for a modeling career, but to also to represent those who’ve been through what I went through and possibly even more.
Because truth be told, weather male or female, young or old, we are all subject to pain, how we handle it and weather or not we get help can be a question of life and death.
If I am to be crowned Miss Windermere 2019, I will strive to stay true to my beliefs and be involved in community service that will create more awareness when it comes to mental health issues and do everything in my power to carry out my duties. Not only to the community but also to the modeling industry as I will strive to represent out country as far and wide as humanly possible.” Said Noma

“To my fans, friends and family I’d like to thank you all for your support as it is my strength. I don’t know how far I can go without you all so for being here, for looking up to me and believing in me, thank you so much. And I hope you believe in yourselves, love yourselves and trust yourselves even more than you have believed in me.” She added