/Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist ; Wendy Khumalo

Miss Windermere 2019 Finalist ; Wendy Khumalo

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Wendy Khumalo is one of the models taking part in this year’s Miss Windermere. The excellence-music.com team had a chat with the model and this is the conversation below

Name :Khumalo Wendy B

•Age :20 years old

•Occupation :A student

•Why did you participate in Miss Windermere.

To be entirely honest,I was taught that ‘when an opportunity presents itself grab it’ and i guess i did without a blink.I knew this was it.I grew up in a world that would absorb my dreams into nothing more than ashes.I had to find myself within the ashes to follow my dreams into reality.Despite what the world would say to me that “l couldn’t” l believe l can and Miss Windermere was that platform l needed to expose my potential to the world, that a girl child can accomplish undiluted greatness and nothing less.

●How would you winning the competition benefit the community and the modelling industry ?

Well,my passion comes from the development and empowerment/rise of the girl child.Who at times if not most is marginalised from the given opportunities which arise through the advocacy of equal opportunities for both genders.There’s so much potential within the girl child which at times is left unchecked and l believe we can tap into that potential. For a women was created and designed to complete that which is incomplete. The girl child within most of our communities is faced with inferior complexity,inadequate exposure to opportunities,lack of confidence and above all the oppression from a patriarchal tendencies.This brings me to this that if l do win the competition girls within the community will give the girl child hope for a brighter FUTURE and it will eradicate some of the disadvantages the girl child faces as alluded above in this manuscript.As for the modelling industry it will benefit through me because l believe l am a great asset who will act as a brand ambassador for the industry, who will by every means elevate the industry into greater heights because beauty is movement and movement towards greatness. Beauty alone won’t do much the rest will
be unveiled so what i can say is be ready to be the unexpected.

●Word to those who look up to you.

At the end of the day am human never expect perfection.Nonetheless never settle for anything less than greatness.The world is yours for the taking never limit yourself into a box for you can go beyond the sky.If i can do it so can you.You’re destined for greatness anything less of it isn’t yours.Above all remember that “You’re amazing let no one tell you otherwise not even yourself.

You’re limitless.