/Mudiwa,Pokello turn heroes!

Mudiwa,Pokello turn heroes!

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In a situation where many are  having a hard time to even put a slice on their table, Mudiwa Hood and the Queen of Fashion Pokello Nare are out here showing us what every other Zimbabwean should be doing, be the helping  hand where you can.

Recently we received news of the legendary Gringo being seriously ill and he needed around ZWL $18000 for him to be operated. While everyone else was pointing fingers on who should help the Gringo on raising funds, Pokello stood  up and paid every single cent that was needed and as we speak some still have something negative to say about it.

On the other hand, Mudiwa Hood was being bashed for changing his last name on social media. While that was happening, someone went on Mudiwa’s twitter and asked for financial assistance as he could not raise enough to carter for everything his mother needs. Mudiwa was quick to respond to the matter and he sent ZWL $1000 to the man. As usual, some people still had problems as to why he did it before the public eye and he responded in a humble manner by saying  that everything started in public so why must we hide the end of it?

Above all, we should be learning from these kind of people and stop pulling each other down.