/One Night with Sharon “Shamazing” Manatsa
Sharon Manatsa

One Night with Sharon “Shamazing” Manatsa

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Sharon Manatsa, the daughter in law to the legendary Zex Manatsa will be taking us through a gospel music experience on the night of October the 24th. Born in Harare, Sharon grew up in Bulawayo and then moved to the United Kingdom when she was just nine years old and she pops up in the local scene as an artist from the diaspora.

Sharon says the One Night With Sharon Manatsa event is a first for her and because of that she is very excited and looks forward to the experience as she will have the opportunity to share the stage with a legend,her father in law Zex Manatsa. The other notable  supporters of the movement are  the award-winning John Cole, Tinashe Magacha, Trust Jeldous and Gospel Dj Unlocked, great line up isn’t?

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Asked on how she went about choosing the artists, Sharon says its all but hardwork that one of the artists came across her music online and from there a relationship was born,same for  her on Tinashe Magacha and Trust Jeldous. Sharon and John Cole have known each other for a while now that she even revealed that they are working together on the video of Sharon’s song thats yet to come.

One night with Sharon is a private event where Sharon will be sharing her music journey with the people. How ever there is space for the lucky ones who get to like Sharon Manatsa’s social media platforms and spread the #OneNightWithSharonManatsa  #Shamazing #Inyasha movements. Check her out on Facebook using the SharonManatsaOfficial, @sharon_manatsa on instagram and you might be the lucky one