/Splits Loui just gave us JUICE!

Splits Loui just gave us JUICE!

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Were you still bumping to his Maita Chihwa album? You still bumping to No Pressure? Well we are already moving with Splits Loui’s hits and this time around its Ka Juice, well he should have just titled it JUICE because Ka Juice is just a part of the JUICE and what he gave us is the whole JUICE, a great piece!

The song is praising a girl that Splits and his friends met in the streets, saying she has a body like the renowned Zimbabwe’s Queen Of Swag Pokello and a mashmellow skin and yet she lives the real ghetto style. Splits was behind the production of the song and the other featuring artists on the song are Mike Cibeh and Passmore. We dont want to say more about the song, listen to it on the link below